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ShieldLight mit Schriftzug rotohneschattenOur primary sponsor is at the same time also our name giver of the Instructor Development School and has contributed to the training concept.

Centurio Design®, the light system specialist from Muenster (Münster) / Germany focus of outdoor / action sports and law enforcement light , is celebrating its anniversary. Our company was founded in 2005 under the name “Combat Systems”. Quickly we found our main product, our “Centurio Light’s” so from there we changed our whole company name from “Combat Systems” to “CenturioLight®” and then to “Centurio® Products Group” via “CenturioGroup®”, then “Centurio Design®”. The last change was made with the evolution into civilian business. With the new year 2015, we are now 10 years in business and will celebrate with various actions that we will announcing the upcoming months. Centurio Design® is always working in other ways than other companies or competitors. Usually, companies go from the civilian sector into the law enforcement- or defense market. In our case, Centurio Design® is exactly the opposite. Centurio Design® has managed to place it’s quality products in various civilian markets, such as in motor sports, outdoor sports and martial arts. In all three areas, we have begun to rebuild existing products or have developed new products for these markets. We are pleased with this and the many other changes from 2014 to successfully look into the future.

More company information and product information you find at: or in German


TW1000-logoTW 1000 is one of the best friends of our training comapny, and IDS is extrem proud to be the exclusive partner for civilan and government market the “Offcial Pepper Spray Tactic and Safety Training”

TW 1000 Established in 1896 in Magdeburg, the company HOERNECKE is now managed by the fourth generation. Since 1962, the primary focus of the family business is the development, production and sales of security products for the protection of man.Furthermore, HOERNECKE has specialized in the production of irritant agents and non-lethal spray devices. The original TW 1000 security products for personal self-defence and for professional use have matured into a versatile device series equipped with highly functional system elements.The company is now one of the leading international suppliers. From the factory in Oberstenfeld, near Stuttgart, Germany, HOERNECKE products are shipped worldwide.

More information about the company can be found on online to buy at


Cheers Mate Cub_BrownIDS Is a proud memmber and suppprter of the Veteran and Firearms Network “Cheers Mate Clu”b.

 If you love the freedom of the western world, you like to chat about flashlights, knives, firearms, good drinks (with and without alcohol) and food (BBQ) or clubs, pubs and Badass party’s, f you like to support our veterans and active law enforcement and all  of our western military forces and soldiers… If you are a believer, that life is too short, not to do funny and crazy things, then mate, you are in the right cub!

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WarfareFrog779_Camo2Warfare Frog 779 is a German brand name that was created back in 2014 as a NATO research and development project. Under this brand we will design and market special tactical products with the main focus on the maritime infantry warfare equipment.

Many have asked us why we have selected the frog as our logo. For which we have many reasons.

Under our brand “Warfare Frog 779”, we wil market in the future, items such as:Combat Watches

  • Frogmens and the frog  was the former name and symbol for the combat divers.
  • The frog always had a high survival rate

More information about the company can be found on