LowLight Police (Only for Law Enforcement and Military) |

LowLight Police (Only for Law Enforcement and Military)

photo_2017-02-20_00-08-55In this course we present self-defense techniques under using the LLLW® Flashlights. We train techniques and alternatives of unarmed defense and in combination with operating resources like LLLW® systems and/or firearms.

Training session:

  • Safety rules / Basic positions
  • Handling stress of the LLLW® flashlight with and without other weapons
  • Unarmed Defensive Skills: Guarding, Striking, Ground Defense, Grabs, Lock, Escapes
  • Operating modes and techniques in combinations with pepper sprays and firearms
  • Weapon handling under stress
  • Tactical movement within the team
  • Team Communication (Communication between the team and operation control under utilization of radios)
  • Use of the flashligh in a hand-to-hand fight and in fight against knifes, street weapons
  • Stepping out of the line of attack and to counterattack
  • Use against several targets
  • Shooting on the move
  • Restrain techniques in a stress – low light/night situation with regular handcuff over nylon straps

Equipment you need

  • Serviceable LLLW® flashlight with holster* and Batteries, style RCR123A*
  • Personal Duty-Gear (Training Pistol with holster, magazines + pouches, handcuffs, radio, inert pepperspray etc)
  • Street or vespertineclothing and boots and knee and elbow pads
  • Body armor (minimum protection Level U.S. IIIA, German SK 1) or Riot Chest Protector
  • Riot helmet or ballistic helmet (any standard police riot helmet or NATO military helmet)
  • Contacs or sport glasses (only spectacle wearer) and ear protectors
  • Pen/pencil and notebook
  • All what you carry daily at work with

Price and date of the next upcoming course on request, email us at Training(at)CenturioDesign.com