LowLight Combat (Active duty Military and Active Reserve Members only) |

LowLight Combat (Active duty Military and Active Reserve Members only)

milThis course is designed for members of the military (time and professional soldiers), for example, for a foreign assignment are provided. We point out that this course for soldier in service and not special forces or any other security agencies of the Federal Government and the state law enforcement. We will in this course covers tactical behavior with firearms in conjunction with light sources (flashlights) and give further use funds under difficult lighting conditions. We consider your business delivered Equipment and application use and will show you your previous options to enhance knowledge. In many areas of the armed forces of the Central service regulations are realistic due to exercise scenarios almost impossible. We want to give you the opportunity, in a very realistic exercises her Expertise to deepen and bring new skills and abilities. The course is spread over 2 days.

Training session:

  • Safety rules / Basic positions
  • Introduction to Überwältigungs techniques
  • Dealing with the flashlight (standard and LLLW flashlights) with short-and long gun in a stressful situation
  • Browse rooms, vehicles, possibly with booby traps, etc..
  • Tactical Move the troop / group.
  • Use of Lightning Less-Lethal Weapons
  • Communication between the troop / group and the use of line
  • Self-assurance in urban locations
  • Force-on-Force Training
  • Door Breaching
  • Arrest / assurance techniques, Repatriation of persons
  • First-aid methods
  •  .. And much more.

The equipment to bring: Uniform, field boots, suit etc., Webbing system (or similar), Holster, Backpack = Backpack packed (ie tent sheet, mattress, alternating suit, etc., protective vest, NBC Mask, etc. Actually, everything you have with the man

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