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Factory Instructors

16602837_10211019910881131_335410804348957702_nTobias Brodala, He is the division director of the Instructor Development School of Centurio Design and the one who is responsible for the field of training and advanced training. Since 2010, Tobias has been teaching various people in various approaches to violence across Europe. These entrances are very diverse, ranging from normal self-defense training to special law enforcement course and special operstion courses. He is also active in the areas of rescue services, fire brigades and members of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr). Its main feature is the educational fit of violent challenges with the actual possibilities under strong emotional and physical stress. He calls behaviorist compliance. Tobias is one of the believer such as the founders of Centurio Design that “Low-Light / Night Gunfights are the royal class of tactica trainings”




12342744_10206731037248686_1754454533628835193_nSebastian “Sebo” Mederle, one of our youngs members in our instructor team. Sebo works as one of our civilian instructors for example with our TW 1000 pepper sprays in connection with the LLLW Flashlights. Sebo has live around europa for many years, speaks perfect english and use is European life as a great base to train civilians who likes to protect himself by traveling in Europa. Sebo is also one of the social media team of Centurio Design.