Centurio Design® Instructor Development School at: LowLight Combat® “IFF / CID by High Speed Entry” |

Centurio Design® Instructor Development School at: LowLight Combat® “IFF / CID by High Speed Entry”

lowlight-combat1Many of you have known for years that we at Centurio Design® Instructor Development School not only the world-renowned specialists for Lightning Less-Lethal Weapons® (LLLW®), but has also carried out the most low-light safety training, under the brands “Fight with Light®, how to use an LLLW® flashlight under low-light / night conditions” and “LowLight Tactics® basic safety training for law enforcement safety training under low-light / night conditions”. In recent years, we have further developed our product and safety training concepts. We now have two new aspects in our safety training programs a) Night / LowLight Gunfight®, speedfull and consistent speedfull and consistent combat of soft targets b) LowLight Combat®, a special concept for our service members at the military, our focus is on our regular soldiers not special force. What makes the group of people so special to law enforcement? Anything! Begin by the regular tactics and drills, missions and of course personal equipment. This safety training exactly tuned and tested.

LowLight Combat® drills works perfect in connection with your standard mission and patrol gear. We like to give you a little insight view into our safety training. In principle it is always recommended to mark the participating forces at a night or low-light situation to preven IFF / CID

What is IFF?
Identification, friend or foe (IFF) is an identification system designed for command and control. It enables military and national (civilian air traffic control) interrogation systems to identify aircraft, vehicles or forces as friendly and to determine their bearing and range from the interrogator. IFF may be used by both military and civilian aircraft. IFF was first developed during the Second World War, with the arrival of radar, and early friendly fire incidents. Despite the name, IFF can only positively identify friendly targets, not hostile ones. If an IFF interrogation receives no reply or an invalid reply, the object cannot be identified as friendly, but is not positively identified as foe. There are in addition many reasons that friendly aircraft may not properly reply to IFF. IFF is a tool within the broader military action of Combat Identification (CID), “the process of attaining an accurate characterization of detected objects in the operational environment sufficient to support an engagement decision.” The broadest characterization is that of friend, enemy, neutral, or unknown. CID not only can reduce friendly fire incidents, but also contributes to overall tactical decision-making.

It is important to keep in mind the “Pros” and “Cons” about IFF or CID. It by controversial to mark itself, of course, it is a risk that will be a easy target. But out of the view of an military units, which usually occur in an operational area with significantly greater team strength as a tactical law enforcement unit it is important to survive a gunfight in all multi-terrain such as woods, urban or desert and snow situation.

The mark should of course be installed so that you can turn it on or off at any time. We would, of course, use our “Personal Illuminator – Signal Marker” which we produce in different colors or IR (infrared) version. How traitorous light can be  would like to show a few examples. We have decided not to show where the operators has been placed his “Personal Illuminator – Signal Marker“. We would like to show you a few photo examples from our past LowLight Combat® safety training with members of a NATO military unit. The units has use different Centurio Design® items and partner products for the training.

silhouetteHere is a soldier coming from a bright area in a dark area in a building. Very good to see how clearly his silhouette in the door frame stands out. Without a light source to itself or at the weapon the operator is really good to see and a perfect target.

red-dotHere is a soldier coming from a bright area in a dark area in a building. Good to see a small red dot that comes from a “Personal Illuminator – Signal Marker“. The operator used the market as an orientation / walking light because a low-power light source just to see the close range area.


  1. Here is a soldier coming from a bright area in a dark area in a building. Very good to see how clearly his silhouette and you can see the muzzle fire on his cal. 223 rifle.

It should be clear for everyone that daylight or building light source in the rear or a low-power light source or the muzzle fire is enough to be clearly identified and can be presented as a potential target. The discussion on the risk of IFF / CID mark itself should be rethought on the basis of this good example. Any piece of light source which Illuminat you, make yourself or the teammates to big risk for your own safety and security. This makes it important in our opinion that the risk of under-fire by his own forces is even more important, IFF / CID to protect himself.

More information about our safety training and our Centurio Design® www.CenturioDesign.com and for german vistors at www.CenturioDesign.de