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About the School

North Atlantic – Instructor Development School is a division of Lock N Load Brands, commitment to the responsible citizens, military and law enforcement community is to provide the highest quality, most up-to-date, cost effective, and comprehensive instructor training available. Our programs expose every student to a broad base of techniques, tactics, teaching methodologies, and technical knowledge in order to develop the skills required to effectively perform his or her role as a Centurio Design® instructor at the academy/school and/or agency/unit level. Centurio Design® is proud to offer to qualified instructors the “Fight with Light®” and “LowLight Tactics®” or “LowLight Combat®” Scenario Safety Course and also for the leading european manufacture of defensive sprays TW1000. This course will certify instructors who wish to train responsible citizens, military and law enforcement, security professionals etc with the Centurio Design® defensive and tactics flashlights and LLLW® devices product line. Committed to the safety of students using their products and system. The Instructor Development School will provide in-depth, hands-on instruction in scenario-based training program development and training methodology, and will give critical practical experience to students on the best use of Centurio Design® products in a highly effective, realistic, extremely safe training program. Instructors attending our schools should have their agency’s authorized factory-trained conduct a technical inspection of the Centurio Design® products being brought to the school to ensure they are safe, functioning reliably.

About the North Atlantic – Instructor Development School Safety & Product Training courses

North Atlantic – Instructor Development School Safety & Product Training courses are courses of instruction which includes classroom instruction on basics of tactics and self-defense skills and drills and about Centurio Design® Flashlights / Devices and Lightning Less-Lethal Weapons® (LLLW®) Technology and defensive sprays made by TW1000, Force options and decision making, medical issues, maintenance, reporting and personal safety or for responsible citizens (private citizens) self-defense, home safety, etc, and gym / range live scenario training are just a few of the topics covered in all offered courses. All of our course are Integrity Consistency Efficiency are the hallmarks of these course. Based on the Science of the Body’s Natural Reactions to critical incident stress, empirical data of what we know actually happens during a self-defense/fight and incorporating various adult education teaching principles, these courses will provide you with what you need to develop your defensive skills.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The  North Atlantic – Instructor Development School  “Master Instructor Courses” is usually offered twice a year only. More partner companies will coming soon who we train your with there products.